ChapterNet Overview: Dollars for Scholars® applications are now available via ChapterNet! Developed by Scholarship America®, this online tool allows students to input their general information and have it all in one convenient place while going through the application process. ChapterNet's simple, straightforward design also helps students find scholarships they might not have found otherwise, and since all of the student's basic information is already in ChapterNet, applying for multiple scholarships is faster and simpler.

ChapterNet isn't just an application portal.  In the Student Dashboard, students can view their progress and explore local chapter opportunities, scholarship listings and matches; there are also links to national news and resources that provide help with the college process.  Blue Earth Area Dollars for Scholars offers seventeen local scholarships BEAHS seniors and alumni can be considered for by completing a Student Profile.  You can apply for local and some national scholarships all on one profile/application!  The profile must be completed between November 15, 2020 and February 12, 2021 in order for students to be considered for scholarships awarded at Blue Earth Area High School awards programs during the month of May, 2021.  Finally, ChapterNet helps students find volunteer and internship opportunities, additional financial aid tools, college success resources, and even allows students to export a resume!

  • Login to create or update your profile
  • Apply for our local scholarships with just a few clicks
  • View opportunities from Scholarship of America's partners across the nation.
  • For detailed instructions on how to complete your Student Profile go to the BEA high school website.  Find the Guidance Counselor pages then select "Local Scholarships" under the Financial Aid/Scholarships tab.


1. Create Login.

2. Create your Profile.  You will complete information in each of the groups listed below.

*Basic and Additional Information:  One of the items you are asked to supply is an email address.  This is vital to the scholarship process.   Provide your PERSONAL email address rather than the one provided to you by BEA.  This will allow you to better use your profile information to search for more scholarships after you graduate from high school. 

*School Information.

*Academic Information:  GPA and Class Rank are on your transcript.  Test scores [ACT or SAT if taken], are on your test score report.  If you no longer have a score report ask in the Guidance Counselor's Office to get your test results.  Please note that BEAHS ranks students using the INTEGER system.  BEAHS also uses a 4.0 GPA scale.  Use your transcript to help you if necessary.  For seniors in high school your current cumulative GPA is all you need to enter along with 4.0 as the grade scale.  For your ACT score you can use your Composite Score. 

*Activities, Awards, Employment.

*Documents (optional).

*Parent/Guardian Information.

*Financial Information:  You can skip this section if you prefer to do so.  Financial data is not required to apply for local BEA scholarships.

* Essays:

Goals and Aspirations Essay:  Write a 300 word essay detailing your plans as they relate to your future educational/career objectives and career goals.  This essay is required.  We suggest you put your essay in a WORD or GOOGLE document and paste it into your Profile.  We are looking for an introduction, supporting paragraphs and a conclusion.  Be sure to include your name!

Unusual Circumstances Essay:  This essay is not required, however, if it pertains to your situation, please write an essay that describes how and when unusual family or personal circumstances have affected your achievement in school, work experiences or your participation in school or community activities.  Include your name.

*Transcript Request:  You may skip this section.  A transcript will be attached to your application for you upon submission. 

*Reference Request (i.e. a recommendation): You may skip this section. 

 After your Profile is finished you will receive a list of scholarship opportunities by doing a scholarship search.  Click the "APPLY" button next to EACH scholarship that turned up on your list after you did the scholarship search so that you are entered into consideration for those scholarships.  IF you do not click the "APPLY" button next to EACH scholarship listed for you then you have NOT APPLIED FOR THE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WHICH YOU ARE ELIGIBLE and will not be considered for them!  If you see a red button next to the name of a scholarship which has the word "QUESTION" in it you are to click on it and follow the instruction.  Once you have completed this step the red "QUESTION"  button will change to "APPLY" if you are eligible for the scholarship listed. 

THE PROFILE is due and must be completed online on February 12, 2021.

REMINDER - You can get detailed instructions on "How to complete your Student Profile" in a PDF format by searching for it on the Guidance page of the BEA Schools website.

Finally, you are encouraged to return to your Profile and update it or search for new scholarshps whenever necessary.  Even after you graduate!

VERY IMPORTANT!!!!  BE SURE TO apply for the local Blue Earth Area Dollars for Scholars scholarships that you are matched to through the scholarship search after completing the Student Profile online by using the "APPLY" button.  TO ALSO apply for all the rest of the local scholarships available that are NOT managed by Dollars for Scholars, you MUST PRINT A COPY of your Profile and attach it to your completed Local Scholarship Checklist form that was given to you by your Counselor. Turn in both items to the BEAHS Guidance Office by February 12th which is the paper application deadline.  

TO PRINT YOUR PROFILE:  Go to the "My Resources" section found at the bottom right of the page (Student Dashboard) that appears after you "Login" to the Student Profile section.  Click on "Read More" in the My Resources section.  Then go to the "Need a Resume" section at the bottom right of the page and use the SECOND "click here" option found in the last sentence which reads as follows: "(You can also click here to save all of your profile info in a WORD document for your records!)".   Print a copy of your Student Profile PDF and turn it in attached to your Local Scholarship Checklist form to the BEAHS Guidance Office by the 2/14/2020 deadline!  THIS FINAL STEP IS REQUIRED!